SET PIECES Vol. 1 with Pete Chatmon

In this expanded installment of SET PIECES we look at the production of Pete Chatmon's short film BLACKCARD. It would be just another day for Leonard, except The Commission, a shadow organization tasked with keeping members up to snuff on their “blackness”, is hot on his trail for his latest infraction. An afternoon with the love of his life, Lona, goes off course as a missing ID card escalates into questions of loyalty, life, and love. BLACKCARD was shot over the three days with a crew of fifteen. Budget for the project was funded by Double 7 Images.. Filmmaker Pete Chatmon shares insight & advice from over 20 years in independent filmmaking.

BLACKCARD has screened at multiple Festivals including the UrbanWorld Film Festival Shorts program in New York City and The Austin Film Festival. It is now streaming and available to view on HBO Now & HBO Go. In September 2015 director Pete Chatmon was selected to participate in the prestigious Sony Pictures Television Diverse Director's Program. Participants shadow directors on episodes of scripted SPT series and helps talented artists of diverse backgrounds build TV industry relationships for a possible career path as a DGA scripted TV episodic director.

SET PIECES  offers an on the ground look inside independent filmmaking through five unique filmmakers and one day on their film set. This series was originally featured on our Instagram channel TEN FRAMES.